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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I select a lawyer?

Before choosing a lawyer you should always research their background.

Before seeking the yellow pages to find a new attorney try seeking recommendations from friends and family.

2How do I know I need lawyer?

Do not wait until a problem gets out of control.

Seek an attorney when you know there is a possibility of legal trouble and before that trouble occurs. Eliminating potential trouble can save time, money, and needless worry.

3Can I handle my own legal problems?

It is possible to handle your own legal problems.

Kits and forms are available for matters such as divorce or making a will. However, you will not be able to gain any counsel from judges and court personnel. Our attorneys are professionals who can ensure that all court procedures, filing requirements, deadlines, and other details that a non-attorney may easily overlook.

4What should I expect when I hire a lawyer?

You are hiring an attorney to represent you; you should expect:

Your attorney to be professional, on time, and provide advice that you can depend on. However, you must be patient when dealing with legal matters for them to be settled fairly.